Sunday, April 15, 2007

Steps to remove the Stale Delegate rules

1.) Run MFCMAPI and hit 'OK' to clear the 'About MFCMAPI' informationdialog.

2.) Select Session from the dropdown menu and click Logon and DisplayStore Table.

3.) Choose the Outlook Profile needed if set to prompt otherwise ifthere is only one profile it will load that one by default.

4.) Double-click the Default Store for the user's mailbox (if there aremultiple entries then there could be several Personal Folder Filesrepresented and you should see the Mailbox Store on the Server as wellas Public Folders on the Server. If there is still a question you canlook for the column header: PR_Default_Store and there will be a 'F' for those that are NOT the default delivery location and an "T" for the one that is.) this will be the one you want to select.

5.) Expand the 'Root Container' item.

6.) Double-click "FREEBUSY DATA"

7.) On the right you will normally see two items, one a 'sniffer' andthe other the 'LocalFreeBusy'.

8.) In the lower pane you will see numerous entries and it will have anitem in the Named column reflecting 0x6844101E and in the 4th column under 'Value'you will see any Delegate's names.

9.) Close the 'FREEBUSY DATA' window.

10.) Then expand the 'Top of Information Store' item and Highlight the'Inbox'

11.) Go to the 'Actions' dropdown and select 'Display Rules Table'.

12.) Select the Schedule + EMS Interface (Delegate Rule) and delete it.(this state will be at column PR_RULE_PROVIDER which will only exist ina Mailbox on the Server and NOT in a PST file) (Remember, if there aremultiple delegates assigned this will remove them all and the currentlyexpected Delegate must be re-configured.)

13.) Close windows to the main MFCMapi Screen and select Sessiondropdown menu and hit Logoff.

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Vijoy said...

Hi Thanks for your post. It is indeed i ve been looking for.

I am not able to see Free/busy under "root"

I am using Outlook 2010 and exchange 2007 sp3.

Please help me. Thanks

Exchange Admin